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A Message From Matthew Karpas

Managing Director of Karpas Strategies
Since its beginning in 1994, Karpas Strategies has a mission of providing high net worth individuals with the rare kind of personal service that would set a new standard in the investment industry.

Our mission resulted from our observation that many valuable clients of large, often prestigious investment firms received less than acceptable service despite the fact that they were entrusting the company with their life's earnings. 

We created an investment management business dedicated to the mission of maximizing client wealth, but founded on some very specific principles - integrity, honesty and trust. Each client at Karpas Strategies deserves to have an advisor they can trust completely - to invest according to their personal goals and objectives; to consider their plans for the future; and to provide candid opinions and honest answers. When you enter a relationship with an investment manager, you are entrusting them with your future. At Karpas Strategies, we take that relationship very seriously.

Our investment philosophy works hand in hand with the founding principles of the company. Investment opportunities are uncovered based on careful attention to company progress and performance, the ability of the management to execute on a daily basis, and their ability to create and deliver a long-term vision. This approach to investing is not quick or hasty. It is patient, persistent, focused.

It is well known that one cannot control the markets, however, we can control the principles, philosophies, and discipline that guide our business. As a client of Karpas Strategies, you will always have direct and immediate access to your investment manager. Karpas Strategies is committed to service excellence. We look forward to the opportunity to service your investment needs.

Matthew Karpas earned his Bachelor of Science degree in International Business and Finance from the University of Colorado. Prior to founding Karpas Strategies, Matthew worked at. J.P. Morgan in New York City and Tokyo. At J.P. Morgan, Matthew's range of experience included management of key strategic consulting projects, as well as selling foreign currencies and securities. After leaving J.P. Morgan, Matthew strengthened his global perspective by traveling the world observing cultural trends, researching and analyzing emerging markets, and seeking out global business and investment opportunities. This perspective provides a unique view for uncovering investment opportunities in today's global economy.  Matthew currently serves on the not-for-profit boards of the Washington Montessori School, Union Savings Bank Foundation, and the Connecticut Junior Republic Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping at-risk, special needs and troubled youth become productive members of their communities.

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